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14 DIY alternative Christmas trees

14 DIY alternative Christmas trees
Alternative xmas tree by Sandra Lindner

Pretty but, fire hazard much?

Sure, I like Christmas trees and all of the nice warm cozy connotations of FREE STUFF!!! ::Ahem:: I mean, togetherness, and memories of my childhood toy orgy – I mean, memories of my family slowing down and spending some time together. The smell of pine, the lights, the mysterious pile of gifts peeking through the pine needles at the base of the tree …

Okay so Christmas is weird! We hack several million trees off at the knees and haul them inside to hang baubles and lights on while stashing our “proof of love” loot underneath. This is so deeply rooted in the Christian and non-denominational American culture, that it seems perfectly normal. In fact, it is weird NOT to have a tree! I mean, if you aren’t Jewish of course.

at least it's easy to get the star on top

Yes, a well decorated tree is nice. But if you feel so inclined, here are 14 DIY alternative “trees” (Christmas or Solstice if you don’t do the Christ thing) that will spare a 12 year old sapling’s life and definitely get people talking.

They range from the puzzle-like wooden tree above to my personal favorite, the simple “I don’t care” ladder tree.

Because nothing says “meh. just give me some more egg nog & let’s open the presents” like a ladder tree.

If you’re looking for something more technically complex, try this LED tree:

Or, if you already killed your tree but still want to decorate it creatively, Simon Doonan (who decorated the Obamas’ Blue Room last year) has suggestions ranging from Facebook to Dada.


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  • For years I did alternative trees because i lived alone and trees are expensive in NY.
    I wish i had pics online, i did some awesome ones.

    • Pics, please!

  • We spray painted a tumbleweed silver and hung doodads on it as our yule tree this yr.

    • lol! Nice!
      One year, living in Nevada, I made a chimney out of cardboard boxes by coloring red bricks on them w/ crayons. Made some logs and fire out of colored construction paper for inside of it. I placed the presents for my Son around the fireplace. It was pretty low rent, but it was also a good Christmas.

  • I really like the ladder one–if I had room! I decorate my ficus tree every year–even my kiddo prefers this over a pine tree.

  • a quebec recycling company sells these cardboard trees, but i think the idea is simple enough that you could reproduce the design with some card board you had lying around.

  • That ladder is the serious shit. You could display cards on it too.

    • I want a “Like” button. That’s hilarious RA! Indeed one could.

  • I love this paint by numbers-ish corner tree. Love love love.

  • This year I just stuck long pine boughs in a huge mug I had. Free and easy!

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