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2010: The Year In Ideas

2010: The Year In Ideas

It’s time to start looking back on the glories of 2010. While we did not make contact this year, we did choose Mark Zuckerberg as our favorite human, spill a crap-ton of petroleum into our fishing waters, and obsess just a little over a helmet-haired, lesbian lookin’ Canadian named Justin.

We also had some interesting and controversial ideas. The New York Times has assembled a collection of the concepts and innovations they find most fascinating. They run the gamut from emotional spellcheck to bicycle doping to diy macroeconomics… and they’re delicious food for thought.

infographics improved too, didn't they

My favorite mind-bender: The 2000s Were A Great Decade. Despite wars, recessions and Britney Spears, the average worldwide income rose 25% and child mortality rates dropped 17%. Education and medicine are improved and farther-reaching.

Now if we could just do something about that pesky climate-change phenomenon.

Read the entire collection:

New York Times’ 10th Annual Year In Ideas

Even better, tell me:

What innovations and ideas of the past year have affected you most?

Which do you think will affect the future?


  • This year is over already? Dayum.

    • Yeah… over before it even got started eh?

  • Wow, those are some pretty outrageous ideas. I applaud the ginger-ale celebration and the human milk for sale idea and want the doped up bike. Hmmm…what ideas affected me most? Probably the DIY movement. Actually, you see the affects of that movement a lot in my little city. What else? People are looking for medical information on the Internet when they have some symptoms of illness–mistrust of doctors and cost of health care probably figures into this. Also, people tell me they’re reading a lot more now that they have an iPad or Kindle, which I find kind of fascinating since I way prefer paper books.

    • Interesting about the iPad and Kindle! I expected that to happen, but nobody I know has one so I hadn’t really heard much about it yet. I’m happy to hear it though.

      Agree with you about the medical information! There’s starting to be some really good resources online. Unfortunately there are even more horrible, awful, totally bad resources that people seem to think are reliable… that’s a bit scary. Ah well.

  • Not to nit pick, but Time magazine made the safe bet and chose Zuckerberg. Apparently we, or at least Time magazine’s facebook fans, chose Julian Assange by a landslide. See:
    “Time Magazine’s Placebo Person of the Year: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Instead of Wikileaks’ Assange”

    This article doesn’t have the screen shot of the poll that I saw earlier today and, sadly, didn’t save. Wish I’d had. It was tens of thousands more votes for Assange.

    Great post though! Lady Gaga’s meat dress caught my attention in that it reminded me of Ann Simonton who was an acquaintance of mine in the early 90’s. A very nice individual with a very serious and often overlooked mission:

    Yay Human Breast Milk Cheese!

    • Wow… Mayhem, that factoid about Assange is worthy of its own post. Mind if I write it up for today?

    • Not at all! I wish I could find the screen grab of the actual poll. I saw it yesterday noonish on facebook, perhaps from a mutual friend? I spent quite awhile last night looking for it to no avail.

      Alas, I hope I’ve learned my lesson about bookmarking and / or saving out images.

  • Ha… Justin really is a helmet haired, Canadian, lesbian looking dude… I love it!

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