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7 things to make from old sweaters

7 things to make from old sweaters

Bad sweaters are everywhere, and sometimes awesome. But if you don’t have the stones to wear them proud, you can turn them into something new.  Just felt, cut and re-assemble. Turn that sweater with the hole in it into your new favorite laptop tote. That sweater with a lot of holes into coasters (cut circles) or a necklace (cut circles, string together with embroidery floss). And if you start now you can get a jump on some Holiday time gifting.

felted newsboy by Simple Up

felted newsboy by Simple Up

Some of my favorite tutorials:

1.    Basic sweater pillow from Digs Magazine.
2.    Recycled slippers via sew green
3.    Totes by Canadian Living
4.    Beverage sleeve and coasters from Tenth Muse Studios
5.    Wreaths made by vintage songbird
6.    Hat and Mittens at Simple Up
7.    Sweater scarf by Knitty

Get creative. Felt is great to work with. You can cut it into whatever shape you want, and the edges won’t fray. You don’t even need a sewing machine. Just some imagination (or a pattern), a knitted thing, a washing machine or hot water and soap, scissors, and some kind of binding agent. Could be thread. Could be glue. Felt’s not picky, it likes both.

Need inspiration? Check out designs by Cocoon Designs, Katwise, Snugglepants, FeltSewGood, or Gaye Abandon on Etsy. But remember inspiration is meant to get your creative juices going. Don’t steal. Besides, Snugglepants has come up with an ingenious way to discourage such things.

Happy felting!


  • Love it!! Except… did you say I should start NOW on my holiday gifts? How Martha Stewart of you, darling.

    Seriously though, I’ve been fascinated by felting for a while now, and I have a couple things that could be great for this kind of project. A bad-sweater beer cozy could be hilarious.

  • You are both witches. I swear.

    I just got back from St Vincent dePaul with a bagful of tacky holiday sweaters, wondering if it weren’t too soon to make something out of them.

    Oh,and I’ve been meaning to write a post about old-t-sweater lap top case for weeks. Now I don’t have to, yaaay!

    Seriously, before you send your loved ones away on their own, give them a lap top case made of a school-color sweatshirt. Thieves see it on the floor and assume it’s just dirty laundry. Trufax.

    Great post as usual.


      you should post it for reals!

  • Mwahahahahaha, Martha Stewart. I only say get started now because by the time I knitted umpteen things for X-mas last year my wrists were so bad. SO. BAD.

    A bad reindeer beer cozy would be THE. BEST. THE. END.

    Laptop out of sweatshirt is genius. You could still post it. If’n you wanna.

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