About Love and Trash

Love and Trash is a DIY blog for people who do things differently.

The Hun
Founder, Managing Editor

The Hun is also known as Jessica Reeder. She is a blogger at large, a maker, a doer, a greenie, and the author of Uprooted, an eco/travel blog.

When The Hun is not playing in her garden, building websites, making art out of plastic bags or surfing the tubes, she enjoys long road trips in the deserts of Nevada.

Raggedy Annarchy

Raggedy Annarchy is invisible except online.

Her lifelong gift is to see other people’s gifts. She sees that invisible fabulousness you have there, too, and wants to turn it inside out.

She is anachronistically happily married to a fellow radio operator and art maker.

Editor, Facebook Maven

Funksteena is a red rock desert transplant living on The East Coast.

She is currently a part time student and full time mutha of a human kid and two dog kids. Should probably mention the husband too.

They all live in a yellow submarine somewhere near Obama.

Editor, Tastemaker

Pissyrabbit is a misanthrope with general contempt for people who are not radically self-reliant and radically interdependent.

She lives in Costa Rica with her wife, two really lazy dogs and a rabbit who fancies itself the next leader of the free world.

she makes ice cream. from scratch.

Father Mayhem
Erstwhile Editor, World’s Best Dad

Father Mayhem has avoided regular society like the plague.

However, due to fathering mayhem in the form of two little redheads destined to challenge even the most patient of adults, he is finding new ways to assimilate into the mainstream with the least amount of distaste possible.

We are tired of reading about people who change the world: we are changing the world, and we want you to join in.

We believe that it is possible to make something out of nothing. We dive in dumpsters. We recycle and upcycle and compost. We try new things, even though we might not be good at them.

We think your ideas are as good as ours.

Love and Trash wants you to share your creations and inspirations. We know that you do tiny awesome things in your life that deserve greater recognition. We want to be the ones to recognize your achievements.

We believe in radical interdependence and acceptance. That means YES is unanimous, and it means that your contributions improve our work.

It’s a big world, and we’re a little blog. But with your help, we can be bigger and better.

Join the fun.

Love&Trash Classics:

Cleanup in Cairo

The Egyptian revolution created an ad hoc city in Tahrir Square. When it was all over, I joined the volunteers who came to clean up the trash and rebuild Egypt from the gutters up.

No Pants 2011

Fashion designer Amber Clisura is going 365 days without pants. Along the way, she’s teaching the world about sustainable style. She also hosted an upcycled design competition that will blow you away.

Live With 15 Items of Clothing

Funksteena pared her wardrobe down to 15 things, just to see what it would be like to live with less. Want to know what she learned? Read her follow-up post, 9 things I’ve learned from minimalizing my wardrobe.