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Sublime Precision: Brian Dettmer

Sublime Precision: Brian Dettmer

My first post for Love and Trash featured Brian Dettmer’s skeletal sculptures made of molded cassette tapes. Mr. Dettmer’s work impressed me on a few levels. The work is striking in and of itself, but the upcycling aspect and clever, sometimes playful selection of composite materials provide further depth. It is instantly intriguing, drawing the viewer to closer examination.

As my good friends at NIMBY Space brought to my attention yesterday, Brian Dettmer was only getting started. With his recent work, “Altered Books,” Brian is using surgical tools, knives and tweezers to “surgically” remove pieces of out of date reference books to create some amazing pulp sculpt.

Brian Dettmers Altered Books

Brian Dettmer's Altered Books

Take a look at the My Modern Met’s post The Book Surgeon (15 pieces) for a guided tour of Brian’s excellence in artistic upcycling. I also recommend reading Interview with the Book Surgeon (7 pics), posted on the same site a few weeks later.

I realize that Mr. Dettmer is extremely talented and most of us can’t create something so mind-blowingly artistic, but that shouldn’t stop us from exploring new ways to divert landfill bound and even recycle-able materials. Almost any material can be repurposed for art, crafts, or even practical applications that replace the need for newly manufactured materials, like the 13 uses for plastic bottles as recently posted by our own ever lovin’ Hun.

And who knows, you may create something sublime!

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