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I’m not very sure where to start.

My name, of course, is Amber Clisura. My profession is fashion designer. Outside of that I’m not really sure how I got to the point where I am right now… that point being more of a rut than a sharp point.

I design women’s denim, so it should come as no surprise that I had (at one point) over 40 pairs of jeans.

I got them when sample shopping, wash shopping, I’d get a pair of every jean we would design in my size, and then there were just the “lounge around jeans.” I wore them every day because it was my job. This was after wearing them every day at school learning to be a fashion designer, because really, it’s messy going to school. Did I really want to ruin my 1930s rayon dress while screen-printing my latest project?

It started becoming habit and not all habits are healthy.

It is time for NO PANTS.

I first started thinking about NO PANTS when my friend Kelly was joking about having a NO PANTS summer. She was going to pack one pair of jeans for a two-month vacation. She was tired of always falling into the same habit of the same clothes. It was rote for her and, I soon realized, I was suffering from the same dilemma.

My closet of almost 20 years of collected clothing was collecting dust. I pulled out one of my favorite dresses to see a layer of dust on the shoulders. I hadn’t worn other pieces in over 10 years. I kept buying and buying and not wearing. Why?

I wore jeans and a wife-beater every day, thinking that was “easier.” Was it really easier?

I understand why pants and jeans became the default, it’s because this look was something I could pull on and suddenly have an “outfit.” This look is one that no one questions. It has a home in boardrooms and bars. There are no boundaries of when this look isn’t “acceptable dress.” Jeans and a t-shirt are iconic. Our nation’s casual-wear expertise was born on this look. I realized I had to look at all clothing as easy. If I made it hard it would be hard. You know what? It isn’t hard.

I started thinking about not wearing pants for a month… then that started morphing into longer and longer stretches in my mind. If one woman can wear one dress for 365 days what is my problem??!! There is no problem… but PANTS. So I threw the gauntlet down.

365 days with no pants.

I want to shop my own closet again. I have couture from Betsey Johnson, Balenciaga, Helmut Lang. I have designers from all walks of life, knitwear, ready to wear, nameless designers, vintage, modern, my own clothing that I have designed and never worn. We won’t even talk about the 10+ years of fabric that I have in my design studio. Yards and yards of fabric that I buy “for this great dress/skirt/jacket” and never make.

I want to make clothes again. I want to do what was the impetus of becoming a fashion designer all those years ago – have fun with clothing.

So out with the pants.

I packed up all my pants on January 1 and put them into storage.

So what does this mean, this NO PANTS? Just that. No pants. No jeans. No shorts. No knickers. No capris. No bloomers. No leggings as pants (fuck you Lindsay Lohan.)

No culottes. No scants. No clam diggers. No burmudas. No sweats.

This means wearing and making. This means breaking my rut and moving back to who I am. This means having fun with clothing because clothing is who I am, who my family are, where I come from (more on that later.)

I’m committing to having fun by the simple task of just wearing the clothes I own rather than shopping. Making the clothes I don’t have rather than hoarding fabric. Education through clothing. Because one thing I learned in school is that clothing has a story to tell.

I’m going to blog about it here at Love and Trash for the next 52 weeks.

I’m also going to pack this area with NO PANTS DIY. I’m going to teach you to shop your closet and have fun with clothes again. I’m going to upcycle these damn pants into something else, something fabulous, something new.

Then I’m going to auction off these one of a kind creations for my favorite charity: The People’s Grocery of Oakland, CA. Trying to change the eating habit rut of Oakland’s poorest inhabitants.

So stop by every Friday why dontcha. Sit a spell. Enjoy the frivolity of NO PANTS. Cause hell, I am. Every day a photo. Every day no pants. Every Friday a post. Every month a new upcycled creation.

It’s a great new habit for the new year.

Follow my daily posts at the NO PANTS 2011 official site.


  • Whoopee! I’m very excited about this one, miss Amber. Thanks for sharing it with Love&Trash!

  • usually I would be foursquare against a resolution like this. however, since it’s a hot girl and not a … well, a shirtcocker, there I said it… i’m game. Tall girl, won’t you humor me and wear leggings with ’70s piping exercise shorts one time? such a jolie-laide look, and people can’t help but stare at your ass. thx and godspeed, pantsless one.

    • Oh but Summer… shorts, even awesome 70s shorts with piping are wholly in the “NO” category. But fear not, pantsfull one… there will be awesome outfits.

  • “No leggings as pants (fuck you Lindsay Lohan.) ” ~Oh you put me on the floor in the pine needles and cat fur laughing all the way. Fun, MOQ. Looking forward to this blog very much.

  • Love it!

  • I also made a commitment to wear more of my pretty things and less of my jeans and cords, even if no one sees me. I fell into a rut wearing my ‘mom uniform’. Making myself put a few nice things on makes me feel creative and individual, I don’t want to wear a uniform.

  • I was dubbed skirt Stacy by a friend’s brother a few years back because he only saw me in skirts. Truth is I have been going No Pants for many years! I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
    Have a great Year:)

  • sounds easy and breezy

  • I can get behind that….

  • amber! i totally want to join you in this endeavor. but…but…i do too many things that require covering the legs with pantalones.

    i think that i will try to wear a skirt or dress every day that i’m not doing something that requires trousers, in the spirit of solidarity.

    have fun!

  • I will wear my kilt more this year in solidarity! :-)

  • i did no pants for the summer, but i must confess i did wear shorts… as a canadian, i just can’t justify covering up the legs in the summer: it just isn’t going to happen. the ban lasted until a very cold day in portland when i broke in and bought a pair of jeans at a thrift store.
    still i’d like to think i’m pretty good about being creative with my closet and always keeping it fresh while dealing with a minimum amount of stuff. a lot of it, i find, has to do with the quality of your clothes. enjoy showing off your amazing closet to the streets of san francisco!

  • Dutchgirl, you are my HERO!!!!

    I used to wear cute things (well, I thought they were cute..) and now it’s a rare day that I don’t pull out clothes in the dark (literally- benefit of no more than 2 colors anywhere in the closet)

    I may not be entirely pants-free, but you’ve inspired me to at least LOOK at the clothes and try to get dressed instead of just putting clothes on every day

    • I wholly back getting dressed as opposed to just putting on clothes. That is part of this experiment as well. You don’t need to buy new clothes to be part of a style movement. You just need thought.

    • Oh, yes, yes, yes, I LOVE your style…and when you say, it just takes thought – well…I must be lacking thought and clothing! I just stumbled across your site from a popular blogging arena and will search around looking for answers for me! I hope to find some inspiration for turning the drab into fab with what I have. Thanks!

  • I <3 NO PANTS!!!!
    i cant wait to see the whole parade of fanciness!

  • “I’m committing to having fun by the simple task of just wearing the clothes I own rather than shopping. Making the clothes I don’t have rather than hoarding fabric. Education through clothing. Because one thing I learned in school is that clothing has a story to tell.”

    Pleased to meet you. Beautiful AND wise.

  • a question that was asked on my FB post to Amber is
    “if you were going to do yoga, what would you wear?”

    • Hey Pissy!

      Funny because you weren’t the ONLY one to ask that!!

      I’m broken (not just mentally) and the only Yoga I am currently able to do is a Restorative Yin. So this means that I don’t really do a lot of poses the will have the old lady bit spread high to the heavens. So I get away with this:

      1. footless tights paired with some leg warmers
      2. Wifebeater with my workout bra
      3. A t-shirt skirt I made out of some scraps of black t-shirting that dusts around my knees. It’s full enough that when I do open legged poses I just lay a little extra fabric around the cooter and there is nothing to fear.

      We have been taught to believe that now that we can wear pants there are now certain activities that DEMAND pants and I don’t believe that is the case… at least, we’ll find out! Check out my post tomorrow about *just this topic*!!

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  • I think the no-pants year is an excellent idea. I’ve been pants-free for nearly three years, and no way would I go back to them. It’s not just that jeans and women’s pants have become a substitute for thought and creativity when deciding what to wear, but the reduction in femininity and fun that they bring. IMO once you’re out of the habit of wearing pants, you won’t want to go back to them :-)

  • A friend sent me the link to your most recent upcycling and I have subsequently fallen in love with your site. I’m not pants-free, but I wear skirts and dresses all the time and I wear heels everyday. Your project is very inspiring – I might just take in on myself! I have skirts I hardly ever wear and a fabric stash that is pitiful in it’s un-use. It’s time to start sewing for myself again!
    My question for you, though: Are you only wearing tights or are you including leggings in the items you can wear with a skirt?

    • Hey Kess!

      Provided that the leggings are worn as a layering piece I am ok when them during the project. Example: I’m wearing a skirt and I pair some leggings and cute socks with them = OK I’m wearing a t-shirt and leggings = not OK. The idea is that the minute the legging/short/bootie short becomes the outerwear then they become pants. It’s the idea of “if I were to go outside WITHOUT the leggings on would you see my underwear?” If the answer is yes then, well, I’m either a hooker or wearing pants. 😉

  • It is special to not wear Jeans, I keep trying not to and make more trousers, on the other hand lots of women from an older generation than me still never wear pants. My mum (62) only started wearing them a few years back, so she must have about 50×365 days without pants… Good luck with your project! regards from Amsterdam

    • Hoi! Bedankt Artgrrl! The whole point of my project is to just break from the tedium of where I had been stuck for so many years… my mother (62) so very rarely wears pants and Oma, well… Oma didn’t even OWN pants. So it is about creating a paradigm that works for the person. I commend your attempt to not wear jeans. I LOVE JEANS and it is very hard. They’re pervasive. I commend you for making trousers and trying to cut down on what people are consuming by making and consuming your own. You’re tackling two very dear subjects to my heart!! Goot zo! Dooi!

    • thanx, I love jeans too! But on the other hand, when I look around on the street, in public transport, I see so many blue legs…
      btw, I love all the photos of your outfits :)

  • This is a remarkable project, Amber, and you are to be commended for it! It is wonderful to see such a wholehearted rejection of what has become, in many ways, a uniform — and a bland one at that.

    I got vectored in by way of a web-forum that promotes and advocates for skirted looks on guys, and have to say that your use of stuff you already had in your closet just rocks. The skirt you “found in a steamer trunk” is fantastic, and the shot from “day 164” is so full of win that it’s epic.

    Not to steal your thunder, but have you considered the possibility of designing skirted looks for guys?

    Rock on!

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