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April Upcycle: Maternity pant to full skirt!

April Upcycle: Maternity pant to full skirt!

On the heels of a fantastic contest I really can’t believe what I’ve seen in the past two weeks!

The Hun and I went to Nevada City to speak about NO PANTS and Love & Trash. Then we finished our amazing Frisky Fiskars Upcycle Challenge (Ooooh EEEEEM Geeeeee the entries!!) and, as soon as it was done, I took NO PANTS on the road again: to Gerlach, NV for a Burning Man manager’s weekend.

Dressin' up in Nevada City... ...dressin' down in Gerlach.
Dressin’ up in Nevada City … dressin’ down in Gerlach.

All the while this was supposed to be “spring break”? Wow… I guess you can’t keep a good girl down huh?

In keeping with not stopping, I give you my upcycled creation for the Frisky Fiskars Upcycle Challenge:

The maternity pant/wool pant split back full skirt.

Huh? Well maybe it’s better if I just start from the beginning…

I started this whole project with two pairs of pants that I really liked in some way.

I had gotten an old pair of couture maternity pants from Jeremy’s. They were Armani and quite awesome… but I lost a metric boatload of weight since getting hit by a car so they just didn’t fit anymore.

I decided to take them, plus a simple pair of black wool trousers, and make am over and underskirt out of the two of them.

When I first split the legs, I realized that the sizing clips of the maternity pants were going to be my way of getting in and out of the skirt. Since that was the case, I opened up the middle of the fly and essentially created a whole new center seam from its removal.

I moved part of the waistband to tighten the waist but maintain the original button hole (I sewed a button on as a mock closure to keep the original lap-over waistband.

Once I got my waist situated, I cut the skirt off to the length I wanted. With the excess pant leg I created gussets in the front and side to create more fullness with the skirt. This allows for a petticoat to be placed underneath for extra “oomf” or to let the skirt naturally collapse upon itself.

I then took the black pair of pants, opened up the cuffs and separated the pant into two distinct legs. Once I did that I opened the legs up and cut off the waist band and main toso. This left me with two large pieces of fabric that, when joined, formed a great gathered underskirt for the houndstooth skirt.

I ran a gather line on the top of the underskirt (the cuff end of the pant) and baby hemmed the bottom fabric. I then secured it into the side seams of the skirt base. After tack sewing the top into the overskirt I preceded to lightly bustle the skirt up into the over skirt. This allowed the break of the overskirt to make way for the soft fullness of the underskirt.

I added some buttons from an old Pendelton and VOILA! An awesome new skirt that could be played up into costume or played down into regular wardrobe!

nopants2011-day131d nopants2011-day131b

I have to say that these upcycled creations are some of my favorite parts of the NO PANTS project… but I would also like to hear from those of you out there in the world.

What sort of contest would you like to see next? (Cause I already have sponsors asking for contests!!) What sort of upcycle challenges would you like? Let me know and together we can make awesome happen!

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  • Awesome, Amber.

  • Looks like you solved the uniform/outfit block. Work clothes ARE costumes, no?!
    You look fab-u-lous. Also – baby hem is my new favorite phrase.

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