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Cute Needs a Reason: Like a Rhinestone Groundhog

Cute Needs a Reason: Like a Rhinestone Groundhog

Today’s reason: Wit.

At first glance, this necklace is your standard run of the mill recycled brooch with some beads upcycle. But look a little closer, and oh my. Yes. They are. Those are acrylic fingernails, and this is Aunt Peaches’ Spangled Fingernail Necklace.

Okay, Lee Press Ons are definitely on the non-traditional material realm, but the story Aunt Peaches tells to go with this surprising glittered necklace tutorial hi-lar-ious. It’s is a little on the long side but it is totally worth it, studded with gems like this:

“She went all giddy and girly and couldn’t stop talking. When her Mother was around, that child wouldn’t say Boo to a Goose, but in Uncle Joe’s truck she wouldn’t shut up. She wasn’t really old enough to know how to flirt, but she tried awful hard.  It was embarrassing to watch. Like a puppy learning to lick his own butt.”

So even if this doesn’t inspire you to make your very own Rhinestone Groundhog sparklefest necklace, you will at least be highly amused whilst you appreciate the story in all its hub cap sucking glory, as I did.

While this is not a pure upcycle (although it probably could be if you were motivated enough), and it does involve those cute-with-no-reason standards – glitter and sequins, I’m arguing that a well crafted backstory to go with an unusual item is worth it. And if you don’t have a sense of humor, you’re destined for a life of high blood pressure and road rage.

I consider myself all up in the craft blog mix’s business, and I’ve never seen anything like this. And it’s not like you’re wearing actual organic human fingernails.

In the spirit of sparkle, you should totally watch this if you’re not already familiar with Demetri Martin’s thoughts on glitter (they’re at 3:10).

photo credits: banner photo by my aunt Linda, all other photos by Aunt Peaches

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