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DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier


jarchandelier2It makes so much sense, when you think about it. I personally am sitting on a treasure trove of old pasta-sauce jars… but I never thought they could be more than ironic beer glasses!


The idea isn’t new, really. Pictured at right is a chandelier made from a wagon wheel and jars. It was built one million years ago to light a one-room cabin. Still works, ya heard?

The chandelier shown above was made by the incredibly resourceful Kara Paslay, who offers a complete tutorial on her site.

The basic concept: drill holes in the lids of jars, and wire them as light fixtures. Attach them to a single base in whatever shape you want, and try not to burn the house down when you turn it on.

It’s more complicated than that, so I recommend following the tutorial instead of my summary.

Angela at Living From Scratch made hers using the dinky chandelier base that was already attached to her ceiling. She also wired the fixtures in parallel and came up with a different shape:

Got jars? Try it yourself! I swear to god I’m about to go around my house attaching pasta jars to things. If you try this and have any measure of success, please share.

Kara Paslay’s Mason Jar Chandelier Tutorial

Living From Scratch Chandelier Hack


  • Thanks for the nod! This is an awesome site you’ve got goin’ here.

  • Thanks for the love! So glad to hear that other people like my creation! Your site looks pretty sweet, can’t wait to look around!

  • Wow, thank you both for stopping by. I discovered both of you today, so it’s a good day… well met.

  • Niiiiice! I particularly like the frosted ones.

  • So much prettier than a formal chandelier

  • Heh. You make it all sound so easy and so hip. IT IS YR PWR.

    I absolutely adore Mason jars. Also, screwing around with live electrical wiring. This looks fun.

    And look it how the finished product lights up a whole dining room. Purty.

    Great photos, as usual.

  • The wiring isn’t live until you’re done fiddling with it :)

    • Where’s the fun in that?

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