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Don’t fear the Sock Monkey vs. Reaper

Don’t fear the Sock Monkey vs. Reaper

Surrealism was never really up my alley as an artist. Sure, I get it. And I adore Man Ray like nobody’s business. But it is serious business. Plumbing the depths of the absurd in response to the horrors of the early 20th century. Fast forward to the Cold War, the motion picture industry and space flight opening up new horizons and new monsters to be afraid of. A vast sea of cultural flotsam and Jetsons floating around in our increasingly shorter attention spanned psyches.

Monster and Pooping Penguin

Which brings us the long way around to Greg Stones.

“When I first started out, I painted lonely self-portraits, landscapes, and animals. I was strictly a nostalgic and technical artist. Not to mention an isolated artist who rarely did anything more exciting than watch cartoons and nap. And possibly eat pasta.At some point along the way, I remembered that I had wanted to be a cartoonist when I was in college, and I started tossing a little humor into the paintings. Flying people? Hungry sharks? Nude blue alien women getting picked up by UFOs? You bet. And for reasons that I cannot explain, meeting the stunning woman who would become my wife somehow led to the addition of penguins, robots, zombies, flashers, and poop. In fact, these elements have become such a dominant part of my work that people are actually shocked and horrified when I resort to my old ways and create a landscape where no pooping penguins are killed by topless robotic zombies. It’s pretty cool.” -Greg Stones

With titles like Sheep Discussing Penguin, or Zombies hate Nudity, Penguins Hate Zombies, and Zombies Hate Hippies, plus the entire flasher series (girl in field flashing a UFO, scuba girl flashing a mermaid, and robots flashing penguins) how can you resist? The future is now. And it’s pretty funny.

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  • To paraphrase the sterotype uncultured barbarian, ‘if that’s what it means, I like it’.

    Surreallism will always be Yoko Ono’s art to me; all conception, no delivery, and a fization in the anal stage without the humor.

    I really get this guy.

    Brillian opening paragraph, Funks.

    • Thanks dude.

  • I love your first paragraph too. Makes me remember the Jetson’s mobile I made out of Wendy’s kids meal toys; all the characters flying tiny spaceships in front of a poster from a Monet exhibit in Milan. I love these paintings. I hope the sock monkey prevails.

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