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From nasty old ciggie butt to haute couture

From nasty old ciggie butt to haute couture
Cigarette detritus

Apparently, this is a goldmine of free material. Ciggie detritus by question_everything/flikr

While no where near as pure in content as Jésus Bubu Négron’s cigarette butt street rug, Alexandra Guerrero’s creations are noteworthy nonetheless. Being composed of 10% purified cigarette butts and 90% natural sheep wool, Alexandra’s Mantis line of clothing is a very nice upcycling of cigarette butts, those ubiquitous flecks stippling the waste landscape across the globe.

Good show Alexandra! Thanks for helping to beautify such thoughtless litter.

La Mantis by Alexandra Guerrero

La Mantis by Alexandra Guerrero

originally published Oct. 13, 2010


  • Who needs a nicotine patch?

    Just kidding…

  • Those photos are hilarious. I’d love to know if this was just an art project, or whether she would ever try to sell ’em…

  • That ironic-hipster red belt in the portrait is the only piece I wouldn’t wear. Funny pics.

  • Hun: Here’s a slightly more in depth article I didn’t have time to work in which mentions that she is, indeed, selling these pieces:

    Funks: Hmmmm, Ciggie butt pacifiers perhaps?

    Raggedy: I think she is in Chile. South Americans do the retro thing SO well. Note the cassette player and I believe that is a VCR player back there as well. I think the red belt ties in the espresso cup nicely, still, I wouldn’t fault you for passing on it.

    • Well look at that, she really does sell them! That’s pretty cool.

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