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Make a Ruffled Apron from Two T-shirts

Make a Ruffled Apron from Two T-shirts

Everyone looks better in aprons!

As some of our Love and Trash readers know, I have serious apron love. (See this post from the archives: Rugburn Aprons – Use it Hard And Good.)

I have the same affection towards obscure concert merch. What a useful way to take a great show home and add it to your outer skin.

This sometimes takes the form of my becoming totally unreasonably attached to concert t-shirts. It’s a problem, considering so many of my rock t’s are still in great shape except for being too tight, too short and, well, too young, for the places my current self wants to take them.

Reader, does this sound like you?

Good news! You can still wear a t-shirt – any t-shirt – that’s too small, and still keep your mature female dignitude. Solution: Mom it up with ruffles from another t, and you have an apron!

I got this project from my own copy of Generation T: Beyond Fashion (Project #41- Central Cooking)

You can read about it here, on the GenT blog.

Choose the T-shirt you want as the front of the apron and lay it flat. Cut off the bottom hem. Mark and cut, through both layers, a rectangle that extends about 14″ to 16″ below the neckband and as wide as the sleeves allow. Mark and cut generous arcs from two bottom corners of the rectangle…. to become the apron panel.

Lay the second t-shirt flat and cut off the bottom hem. Cut three 4″-wide loops from the bottom of the shirt (to create long strips) and lay two of them on top of each other, right sides facing….add the third strip to this double-length strip in this manner.

These strips form the waistband, ruffle, and ties to the finished apron. Like Megan from the GenT blog, I used one t-shirt for the body of the apron and another, contrasting t-shirt to make the ruffle.

For a more advanced project, you might also try these adorable t-shirt aprons from Ruffles And Stuff. Those pockets! will always be those talented crafters who make aprons that are works of art. While I admire them, I’m more like Godzilla and Rugburn.

I like my aprons easy to make, and made to be used hard and good.

Photo Credits – Kaptain Kobold, Mike Whiskey

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