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Make water from air

Make water from air
The Watair AirJuicer 4010

It's air fresh!

Ever been in Hawaii or the South and felt like you were swimming through the hot humid air? Apparently, you were. At least, that’s my take on it considering that the Watair AirJuicer 4010 can pull up to 6 gallons of water per day from nothing but the humidity in the air.

While not really a new idea, it is an interesting development in the technology. An office style water cooler with no connection to an existing water source, which according to CoolHunting requires a minimum of 35% humidity to harvest water from air. Now that’s pretty cool.

I’m picturing a little hydration station powered by solar panels quietly producing the single most important item for survival. Nice.

The unit costs $1,500, but considering that:

– it just might be worth it.


  • I love it! It makes tons of sense. Only one drawback: if you had this in an office or house and it pulled all the moisture from the air, then you’d just have to drink more water to replenish it. It would probably work better outdoors eh?

  • That is so cool. Anything to make the dreaded humidity go away. I agree with Hun though, an outdoor collection unit would make tons of sense.

  • This is basically a dehumidifier with some food grade parts and a bit more functionality. If you didn’t mind a bit more work, you could do this with a $200 (US) purchase and some filters.

    • Oh, now we’re talking. Anybody want to try and undercut Wataire with the cheapie DIY version?

    • Yes John, as I mentioned, not a new idea. I’m not an engineer nor a scientist though so I had no idea how feasible a DIY version could be. $200 seems WELL worth it, especially with the fresh water issues many are faced with these days.

      Hun, you hit the nail right on the head! When I get a moment I’m going to look for any plans already online.

  • Americans a little more than $10 Billion a year on bottled water. The global bottled water market is about $80 Billion total. Still way way too much money, but I thought I would point that out.

    • On the face of it, I agree. WAY too expensive.

      However, doing the math, if a gallon of water at Albertson’s costs $1.29, then at 6 gallons a day, that would run $2,825.10 dollars a year. Add the $438 dollars in electricity at the estimated $0.20 per gallon and that’s $1,938 for the same amount of water.

      The point being that while it may seem expensive, it is actually less expensive than bottled water on a large scale. Thankfully, we can still drink tap water at greatly reduced prices.

      Do you know anyone who drinks only bottled water? I don’t think I do, but that would be interesting if there are people who do.

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