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Make your own binder pouch!

Make your own binder pouch!

First day of school was a big deal in my house growing up. My mom is the DIY queen. “I could make that!” is something I heard probably more than seven thousand times growing up. It used to drive me crazy. All my friends had store brands. My mom assured me that what they really had were parents who weren’t very thrifty and “took the easy way out” by buying mass produced stuff. Back to school shopping for us meant going to the department stores to see what we wanted, figuring out what she could make, then a trip to the fabric store. Eventually I came to appreciate the care and effort and all-nighters before a work day that she put in for the five of us. I don’t quite have her talent for whipping out a pattern from memory and copying recreating the latest fashions that we JUST HAD TO HAVE, but her DIY spirit is deeply ingrained.

Sew, Mama, Sew (apropos, yes?) has the lovely and thorough tutorial.

No Plastic Tip: I’m going to use a fine not-too-stretchy cotton mesh instead of vinyl.

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  • Those are some great memories. What a jewel of a mama you had.

    And those photos are very Funksteena-esque. I had to double-check the link to see they weren’t yours.Crazy.

    Fun project!

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