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Neighborhood Fruit Maps for Fallen Fruit

Neighborhood Fruit Maps for Fallen Fruit

Fruit Map of San Francisco

It’s still Try-This Thursday! What I tried was combining exercise and errands by riding my bike to my appointments rather than drive to the meetings, then gym.
Simple, but it felt like real change.

My reward was that I discovered that the peach tree handing me its fruit over my back fence is growing in an abandoned property.

A group called Fallen Fruit is helping Urban Foragers get organized with its crowd-sourced Fruit Maps

Here are some of the public fruit maps made by Fallen Fruit and others who have mapped their neighborhoods to share with others. You are welcome to use the maps, download, print and look for fruit. If you make a map of your city, please let us know and we will include your map in the collection too! Viva la Fruit! xo, fallenfruit.

Everyone has a fruit story. Many of these are linked to place and family, and many echo a sense of connection with something very primal. One word for this thing could be sweetness.

Be the sweetness you wish to see in the world.

I can dig it.

If you’re going to save the world, one fruit at a time is a start.

It feels like real change.

*Thanks to @Lucretia Tye Jasmine via @Tamra Spivey on Facebook


  • !! How did I miss this post? Love it.

    I wonder if anyone has told them about Neighborhood Fruit? Seems they are on the same path, though Neighborhood Fruit might be one step ahead.

  • We discovered 3 cherry trees nearby on our neighborhood park trails. Now they are a regular stop as we race the birds for the low hanging ripe cherries. We even saw a Raccoon out in the daytime, feasting at the top of one of the trees.

    Fruit trees generate diverse community! 😉

    While I like the idea of getting fruit that would otherwise rot, to mouths and stomachs, I am also aware of creating a “run” on a limited resource. What a conundrum.

    • Only solution: more trees.

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