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Bringing “Eco” to the comics world

Bringing “Eco” to the comics world

It’s finally arrived!

After 4 years in the making, the first eco-themed comic book has hit the shelves.

Based on Neil Young’s album of the same name the story revolves around the destruction and “enviropocalypse” of a small California town. (Check out the stunning 13 page preview over here )

Sun Green is the hero of the story with supernatural powers to calm animals and climb the tallest structures with grace. She also has a righteous anger about the effects of large corporations on the environment.  This beautifully illustrated and colored graphic-novel is incredibly timely and apropos (especially eerie is page 13 of the preview)

Even for politically active teenage girls, Sun Green has always been different. There’s been talk that the Green family women had great powers in concert with nature, but Sun herself never really wondered too much about it. Then, in the fall of 2003, as the nation gallops blindly into war, a Stranger appears in her hometown of Greendale, and everything starts going to hell. In an effort to overcome the pain the Stranger brings, Sun unearths the mystery of the Green family women, and in doing so, finds her own inherent power, not just to confront the Stranger, but to confront the mounting injustice of the world outside of Greendale as well.

Full-disclosure: while of course an eco-themed comic book would be right up our alley,  I would be remiss in not mentioning that i’m also very close friends (and downstairs neighbors, in NYC) with the artist Cliff Chiang.  I will be picking up my copy at the  book signing in Brooklyn. this Friday.


  • That preview is intriguing.

  • I love the Green Man on the cover! This looks really cool. Going to find out more & pass it on to some folks.

  • it is really, truly beautiful.
    im not much of a graphic novel fan but there are a few that really stand out and i think this is definitely one of them.

  • I’m a graphic novel fan, and I can’t believe you knw Cliff Chiang!

    I love what he says in the article about making it more like a cover song than a perfect copy. Neil Young has always been like Joni Mitchell for me in that way – I love their stuff, through a third-person filter of re-interpretation.

    Have fun at the preview! We await your review.

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