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No Pants June Upcycle: Pants to a Sweater Shirt!

No Pants June Upcycle: Pants to a Sweater Shirt!

nopants2011-day168I hope everyone is still rocking along side of my no pants wearing self! Almost officially halfway through the wear-a-thon and I can’t believe all the support I’ve been getting! Making all sorts of awesome clothing this year, not spending a dime on new clothing, upcycling my old pants into new rad things every single month, a phenomenal contest with amazing winners, and we’re just getting started!

This week has been really crazy for me even though it was a “week off” for Love & Trash. I’ve been trying to lay all sorts of groundwork for the things that are coming after No Pants 2011. The sun has been shining all week though so that has kept a great bounce in my step and makes getting things done that much easier!



Speaking of getting things done – I’m done with June and the upcycle challenge was: SWEATER PANTS.

Sweater pants? Yes. Sweater pants.

What in the holy hell is sweater pants? Just what it sounds oh frightened reader. They are wool knit pants. There really isn’t a whole lot right with any of that last sentence, so let’s just move on shall we?

I had so many different ideas with this pair. I was thinking a cute knit skirt… something taking advantage of the nice wool drape maybe. Then I think thinking another dress… banking off the success of last month’s elastic waist pant. Maybe I’ll make another accessory. Maybe some cute leg warmers? Summer is coming… then I walked around my work table and I saw the pants from upside down and I saw what I wanted to make. A cute little short sleeve 60s inspired sweater shirt.

So like most things having to do with pants I did an initial cut of the entire leg seam. Freeing up the legs I turned the pants upside down and put it on my dress form.

I placed the waist band of the pants on the dropped waist area of the form. I pinned and gathered until I saw a shape that was pleasing to me and then settled on the shoulder seams. This allowed the side seam of the pants to be the guide area for where I would put my armhole seam.

ShouldersSince the knit is so malleable and giving rather than cutting out a formal armhole I just made a ½” slit along the seam line. Once that was settled I lopped off the extra pant leg to solidify my shoulder seam.

I originally thought this was going to be a soft drop shoulder sleeveless shirt. Make it simple and not too fussy. Then when I saw the tossed cropped pant leg was when I started to see things differently.

A lot of what I do with these upcycled creations are not planned. It’s a matter of throwing the pants on the form and seeing what they want to be. When I saw these rough cuts of the legs it instantly made me think of my sleeve blocks. I cut the sleeves out using the binding from the bottom of the leg as the edge of the new sleeve.

For the collar there was a really natural cowl going on but I really didn’t want a structured sleeve and have this totally loosey goosey neckline. I hemmed up the back cowl and with the front decided to fold over the cowl a few times to create a narrowing deep v-neck. I secured the neckline in the shoulder seam and then tacked down the apex of the neckline with a few machine tacks.

Sweater-Front Shoulder-Close-Up

In the end I got a great little sweater out of a not so great pair of sweater pants. I can’t wait to rock this in a bunch of different ways!

Thanks so much for following along here, at my No Pants headquarters, on facebook, and on twitter!!! Keep following for all the awesome stuff that I’ll be doing for the remainder of the wear-a-thon!

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