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Organic Vegan Twinkies

Organic Vegan Twinkies

Did you know there was a Great Twinkie Taste Off???  I didn’t. But there was. It didn’t involve the inexplicably beloved Hostess cake either. No, the Taste Off was to find a good Twinkie alternative for those of us who don’t like beef fat in our desserts. (Which is possibly the reason Twinkies don’t last forever, as Woody Harrelson’s character pointed out in Zombieland. That and the eggs.)

Enter the Organic Vegan Twinkie.

Originally published by vegan pastry chef Fran Costigan, it moved on to chewswise, who provided us with a thorough examination of the Original Twinkie, as well as breaking down its various sundry ingredients and their origins. They included Fran’s recipe as an alternative. After that it was picked as a recipe for the Homemade Twinkie Challenge, where it kicked a little ass. I think. It seems to have done well. Because Craftzine picked it up, and voila, here we are.

So, if you love fluffy fluffy Twinkies but can’t bring yourself to have them, give this recipe a try.

Do it for Woody.  Who didn’t actually eat the Twinkies in Zombieland as he is a raw vegan. The producers had some cornmeal based props whipped up special for him to nom instead.


  • I wondered how they got Woodman to eat those!

    This is a fantastically crafted article. I want to be you.

    I once lost a game of Trivial Pursuit (stop laughing) when I failed the final “orange wedge” question: What flavor is a twinkie? I said nothing. Correct answer was vanilla.

    Ugh, beef fat.

    • Vanilla? Really? I would have said Spongebob.

  • I would never eat these. I have a policy: It your dessert doesn’t leave a greasy film in your mouth, it was never meant for human consumption.

    MMM Beef fat!!

    • You’re a sick sick girl, Cindy. But I blame Utah.

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