YES is unanimous

loveandtrash-brickheartLove and Trash is rooted in the belief that active listening is a creative art, just like microbrewing or welding.

If your first response to our page is “I could do better,” tell us.

And then, do something.

And then, tell us what you did.

You could call it Radical Inclusion. Or you could call it the place where Inner Censor meets “Nut-up or shut up”.

The point is, it’s your call.

We promise to listen to your ideas here.
YES will always override an unsubstantiated no.
What this means is, if you have an idea and I say it sucks, you still win. I have contributed nothing but No.

We are citizens of a collaborative democracy. Democracy means we means you.

We Want You.

Say Yes.

(penned by RaggedyAnnarchy)