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Photography’s Longest Exposure

Photography’s Longest Exposure

My friend Constance recently shared this fascinating pinhole camera image: Photography’s Longest Exposure.

This is a pinhole photograph with an exposure time of six months. The image was captured on a pin-hole camera made from an empty soda can and a single sheet of photographic paper.

I was immediately captivated. Not only does the image come from the fun and approachable DIY world of pinhole photography, it also captures the sun’s seasonal variation in its annual traverse across the sky.

Or is it the Earth’s wobble as it spins along its annual rotation around the Sun?

Whichever way you look at it, artist and photographer Justin Quinnell’s “Slow Light” series is fascinating. Perhaps equally engaging is the accessibility of the medium. Justin offers a veritable cornucopia of links on how to make your own pinhole camera, as well.

The art form is popular enough to have inspired its own Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, which just happened last week. Check out the pinhole photo gallery for more inspiration. You’ve got a year to make your camera and learn to use it before the next event! If you start now, you can beat Justin Quinell’s record exposure.

Have you made a pinhole camera? Show us your photos.


  • Seriously awesome. And I mean in that way that’s worthy of awe.

  • i live for these kinds of projects. i dont have patience so I have so much respect for those who do.

  • PS @father mayhem!
    that was the last year it existed in that incarnation, but its still going on in a smaller way on the playa.
    we have some beautiful pieces.

  • Nice!

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