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Prizes! Prizes!

Prizes!  Prizes!

Today only! Random commenters could win these very prizes (wrist warmer and bag are not on the same scale).

We want to know what you think about stuff. Funny, wise, absurd, mundane… go!


  • When I was growing up, my mother would always tell me that I could do anything I set my mind to. I believed her. As a result, I am good at many things. I am also bad at some things. My friends have asked me many times, “How is it you are good at everything you do?” The real answer? I try to only do things I’m good at and avoid the things I do poorly (except bowling. I really enjoy bowling). If anyone asks me, “Is there anything you’re NOT good at?”, the answer is always the same:”Macrame and Knitting.”

    The sharing of that little tidbit was inspired by my fascination and respect for anyone who can knit and/or macrame with any skill.

    • Wow, thanks dude!

      And my mom said that setting your mind to thing too. I had to go and try accounting anyway. It ended horribly.

      Bowling is one of those things you can be horrible at and still have a good time doing. Especially if beer is involved.

    • That bowling thing is funny because I once went on a bowling on a date (and I totally suck at it) so I was just being weird and crazy and having a good time at my own expense. The guy just kept looking at me all strange – like I had lost my mind and bowling was a serious sport! It was our last date!

  • i like your knits! :]

    • Thanks! I like your writing!

    • aw thanks!

  • I genuflect in the glow coming off of the awesomely luminous truth that is Resource Rambo’s comment.


    Now you’re talking. Also.

    • I did say wise, didn’t I? Yep, yep. I did.


  • You know, I was wondering how one gets to be a submitter at Love and Trash? I have some great ideas on women’s health and sexuality… nothing smutty, simplly sassy.. and real… I’d love to start writing again, I just need an excuse. Any tips?

    And……. do I get goodies? I <3 Funksteena in all her incredibly witty knitty creative lovely glory <3 <3 <3

    • Yes!! Email and tell us what your first post would be about.

    • PS – that was yes, you can be a contributor! I don’t know nothing about no prizes.

  • Life with a garden makes for a happy summer. Especially this one. I have never seen so many flowers and so much lush greenery. To pick enough food for a day is a good thing, too, though right now I’m tired of snowpeas…gonna give them away. The shelling peas are coming on. Yah. And, Jessica’s here. Double Yah.

    • Fresh peas are one of my favorite things. I look forward to pea season every year.

  • Tres chic!

  • Contest is closed! Winners will receive and email shortly. Thanks everyone!

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