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Resource Rambo: How to make a soufflé

Resource Rambo: How to make a soufflé

Editor’s Note: Mr. Resource Rambo will now be appearing on Thursdays instead of Wednesdays.

It’s Wednesday Thursday, and I’m back to answer your toughest questions. I hope you came up with some good ones this week. So far, nobody can stump me.

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So, you’re having a small dinner party. You and three friends will be dining in your home and you want to impress them with your skills in the kitchen? Follow these simple steps and you will have them ooohing and aaahing in no time.

You need:

  • 4 eggs
  • 4 Tbs sugar
  • 4 Tbs liqueur (Grand Marnier or Canton is nice)
  • French whip (also known as a whisk)
  • Metal bowl
  • 4 individual soufflé bowls
  • Butter and sugar for coating

I recommend you set up your mise en place (pronounced [miz ɑ̃ plas], literally “putting in place”). In other words, get everything measured and ready.

Coat the soufflé bowls with the butter and sugar. Remove the excess sugar and reserve for sprinkling.

Separate the egg yolks from the whites. Place egg whites in a large stainless steel bowl.
Place yolks in a stainless steel bowl and add the 4 Tbs sugar. Mix in the liqueur with the sugar and yolks. Set aside.

Whip egg whites until they are firm.

No really you should beat the whites until they are firm and you can hold them over your head.

Now, fold the egg whites into the yolk and liqueur mixture. Spoon the resulting mixture into your soufflé bowls. Place your bowls into a baking dish and fill dish with water to about half way up the soufflé bowl. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees or until you have a nice blonde color on the top.

While you’re waiting for the soufflé to bake, you can whip together a nice crème anglaise:

  • 1 egg yolk
  • ¼ cup whipping cream
  • 1/8 cup heavy cream
  • 1 Tbs liqueur (Grand Marnier or Canton)

Mix gently.

Once the soufflés are out of the oven, serve them immediately. If you have made the sauce, have your guest poke a small hole in the top of their soufflé and pour some of the crème anglaise into the hole and over the top of the soufflé.


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  • Nomnomnomnomnom. I wants one.

  • nice.
    you make it look so easy.

    Can you give me a non-nerdy, not-so-scientific way to explain the Theory of Everything to someone? It needs to be concise and not too technical.
    I tend to bore people when I get all “there are probably 11 dimensions” on people.

    • on that note… Does the universe have a beginning?

    • Yes. Everything has a beginning, just as everything has an end.

    • Hmmm… So if the universe has an end and a beginning, at some point there is no universe – in which case, there is nothing?

      Can nothingness exist?

      Love your answer below btw – succinct and understandable.

    • Theoretically, not in this plane of existence.

    • The Holy Grail of theoretical physics?

      Simply put, the Theory of Everything (TOE) is a generally known theory of theoretical physics that fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena, and, ideally, has predictive power for the outcome of any experiment that could be carried out, in principle.

      The problem is that it cannot be confirmed experimentally, as of yet.

      The 11 dimensions talk concerns M Theory, or Matrix String Theory, or Perturbative String Theory. M Theory is not a completed theory, but rather an approach for producing one.

      Next time you’re in Puerto Viejo, look up my friend Kristy and ask her for a game of backgammon for me, will you?

    • My favorite theoretical application of the everything theory is Douglas Adams “Total Perspective Vortex” which, for those unfamiliar with it, shows you EVERYTHING in existence and then draws WAY, WAY in and shows you where you are relative to it all – which is an extremely small insignificant fleck and which tends to instantly blow the mind of the viewer due to consciousness’ tendency to identify as being at the center of everything as opposed to a super tiny infinitesimal, insignificant quark, if you will.

      I however, being a 1st rate egomaniac, firmly believe that everything and everyone is important and significant. It simply follows, to my estimate of things, that if we are all insignificant, the necessary opposite which enables and defines our insignificance is our massive significance. Go figure!

    • matrix theory is the one I like best because it explains a lot of weird stuff for me 😉
      Dude, if you mean Pto Viejo in Talamanca (the caribbean) im there every single weekend! thats where our beach house is.

    • My friend Kristy is a blonde American from Sacramento. She works in real estate there. She and I got to know each other over a summer of backgammon and friendship. If you run into her, tell her Marshall says, “Hello!”

    • How can I get a beach house?????

    • You can buy one, rent one, or build one. If you have the gumption and a good con, I suppose you could steal one.

    • …with no money and without breaking the law?

    • With the execution of a well planned long con, you can work your way into some rich mark’s life and get them to give you a beach house without ever breaking any laws.

      However, if you were to pull a con and you were to break any laws, I could be indicted for being an accessory, if I were to give a how-to on questionably legal actions.

      So, good luck!

    • Lucky for you I couldn’t con my way out of a wet paper bag with a chainsaw fulla gas.

  • That looks so delicious. I want one too.

    Resource Rambo, I’m headed out to the desert soon. Can you tell me how to make a solar oven out of materials I’ll probably have available? Maybe something big and safe enough that it can be used by other people if they want to cook?

    • Rather than tell you how to make a solar oven, I am going to direct you to this excellent How-To.

    • Damn, that was going to be one of my future posts. Maybe I can still poach and egg in one and blog it. That is the best tutorial, imho.

    • Did I ask you this already? I can’t remember, it was first on my list of Rambo-Questions though.

      I know a lot about solar ovens but was curious what style/design you’d pick. The windshield one is awesome! I even have a blackened pot already. It will be so.

    • The one I have used and liked was very similar to the windshield sunshade cooker I linked to. I made mine with cardboard covered with aluminum foil. It worked well and I was able to fold it up and travel with it.

  • Dear cute & cuddly Resource Rambo …
    In the movie “Kickass,” Nick Cage shoots his daughter at a medium range with a handgun. she is wearing a bullet proof vest and, while knocked to the ground with the wind hit out of her, she survives unscathed. It is later revealed that her Father has been using a “low velocity” bullet.

    Is there such a thing? Was that possible in reality? Did you enjoy that film as much as I did even thought it was a bit disturbing to see a cute 12 year old plunging large blades into the chests of bad guys?

    • When Big Daddy tells Hit Girl that he used low velocity rounds, I think he was talking about rounds that hadn’t been packed with as much gun powder causing the bullet to leave the chamber at a lower velocity than if it had been fully packed.

      I did enjoy the film. I’m sorry, what was disturbing about a young lady wishing to defend herself?

    • So it is possible to accomplish this as Big Daddy said? Or are you stumped?

      I think it was disturbing because the film was SO playful and comedic up until the moment it got WAY serious with the whole blade though the chest bit. I suppose if she had rendered them unconscious instead, it would have retained some innocence or playfulness. I like the movie tons regardless and WAY support anyone, especially young women defending themselves.

      It brings to mind the original Dark Knight by Frank Miller. Remember how Batman REALLY didn’t want the 16 year old gymnast being the new Robin?

      PS – I really do not believe it is possible to stump you fwiw. Cheers!

  • It is, in fact, possible. Many stunt shooters pack their own rounds. When they have to shoot at an assistant (ie, shooting an apple of the lovely assistant’s head) shooters will often pack their round light. This increases the odds that a misplaced shot would be less than lethal.

    • That’s one helluva headache…

  • Beautifully crafted post. A masterpiece.

    I would just add, when dealing with egg whites, make sure that your bowls are completely free of the tiniest trace of grease or egg yolk or you can whip effin’ fo’ evah and get
    bupkes. Also, a pinch of salt or about 1/4 tsp. per lemon juice per egg white makes ’em fluffy faster.

    Now I want a hot dark chocolate souffle with creme chantille. And I meant to leave the oven off today.

    • I have a copper pot just for whippin’ whites. It’s magics.

      That souffle sounds so delish I’m inventing a teleporter and making you bake for me RIGHT. NOW.

  • Question – what’s a reasonable amount of time to devote to learning a new language every day in order to achieve a working fluency? I know a lot of vocabulary and a little grammar in a bunch of different lanuages, but I’d like to get proficient enough in just one to at least hold up my end of a conversation. Oh, and I’m only interested in free or share-ware sources (books, movies, LiveMocha) etc. How and when will I know when it’s time to start trying it out?

    • That is a difficult question to quantify. Everyone learns differently and at a different rate.

      It also would depend on the language you want to learn. There are five categories of language difficulty with Cat I being the easiest and Cat V being the most difficult. You already speak a Cat V language (English and Finnish are the only two Cat V languages spoken). I have a talent for languages and can learn a Cat I-III language in about a week. My brother is still trying to learn Spanish.

      I firmly believe that immersion is the best way to learn a language. It can also tend to be cheap if the language is spoken near where you live. I would encourage you to start speaking immediately. I tend to learn better by making mistakes and then learning from them. Also, many languages differ between the written and the spoken forms. Spoken forms are generally easier and require a whole lot less conjugation.

      What language are you trying to learn? What dialect of that language do you wish to be proficient in?

    • I just KNEW you would have a great answer for this!
      Yeah, Finnish is the only language that has common roots with native Polynesian dialect,from what I’ve been told.

      I want to get my Spanish out of the ‘hola, Paco’ stage and I really really want to learn Arabic.

    • (duh, Arabic has, like, ninety dialects.) Modern Moroccan Arabic would come in handy. Then maybe Pasto? I can dream, right?

    • *Pashto*

    • If you want to learn Arabic, I recommend learning Modern Standard Arabic(MSA), or Fus-ha. This is the Arabic that is used in the Koran and on most news channels. If you are able to speak MSA, most native speakers of Arabic will be able to understand and communicate with you. However, there are more rules in MSA than in most other dialects of Arabic. If you want a dialect that is widely understood and spoken, I would recommend Egyptian (Musri) or Lebanese (Shami) dialects.

      I personally speak MSA, Gulf, Shami, and Egyptian dialects of Arabic. I studied at Defense Language Institute, Univ. of the UAE, and Yarmuk University in Jordan.

      Arabic is a Cat IV language, by the way. Many consider it one of the more difficult languages out there. I wish you luck and encourage you to take advantage of the Arabic culture of hospitality and see if you can’t find someone, locally, to teach you.

    • I just got back from running some errands and met a new business owner here in Oakland. The man used to be a professor at a university in France. He was born in Morocco and raised in France. He offered up his opinion on Moroccan Arabic. He said, “I would never wish someone to learn Moroccan if they wanted to learn Arabic. Learn French, first. Then, your Moroccan will be much easier.” Moroccan Arabic is a mixture of Arabic, Berber, and French.

      I just thought I’d share…

    • Work on your Spanish. Get those pathways in your brain working and getting reacquainted with processing languages. Once you’re comfortable with your Spanish, take a break from learning a language for about two months or so before jumping into a new one.

  • Fantastic. No wonder my grandma never tried to teach my dad Moroccan.

    Yay lots of bloggers like to skype in Spanish. Thanks so much. Awesome credentials there.

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