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What’s in Your Bug-out Bag?

What’s in Your Bug-out Bag?

Okay okay, you’re bored/traumatized/too busy cleaning up after Hurricane Irene. But some things are worth bringing up more than once. Preparedness, for example. Be it zombies, space meteor, four guys on horseback, earthquake, hurricane, nuclear blast, the Fall of Western Civilization As We Know It, moving out of your mom’s house, whatever. It never hurts to have a few things on hand so you can head for the hills/fortified compound/bunker.

Back in Utah, when I was a kid, we called these “72 hour kits” (probably still do) but Bugout just sounds more fun, right? Like a new dance. The Cat Daddy, Dougie, Bugout. See? It kind of works. But we got so many awesome answers last time we asked, why the hell not.

So what’s in your bug-out bag?


original photo by Jose C Silva.

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  • Water, non-perishable food and a first aid kit at the very least!

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