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Write for us!

Write for us!

Hey folks, if you think you have what it takes to write for Love&Trash, this is your moment to shine. We’re currently looking for a few good contributors, and a few good articles.

We’ll consider any of the following:

Regular contributors

Photo ©2010 Michele Ravera

If you’re always the first person to discover important news, cool videos, interesting projects, infographics and other brain-tickling items, we want your expertise. Share your daily discoveries with a bigger and more receptive audience!

DIY projects

Did you make something awesome? We want the story, and the photos. Make sure you include enough information that someone else can make their own copy of your genius idea.


Animal Style, no doubt -

It doesn’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian–hell, we’ll even accept Jell-O recipes. But we prefer delicious, organic and health-conscious ideas. The more pornographic your food photos, the better.

Cheeeeeeeeeap Livin’

Everybody wants to know how to stretch pennies (hint: leave them on the train tracks). Show us your fantabulous freegan ideas to make life more radical without having to work five jobs.

Art Art Art & Fashion

Fairy Godfather DubRoss on flickr

And how to make life more visually, creatively and psychologically stimulating.

Eco-socio-political discussions

Let’s talk about how to make the world a better place, really. If you read environmental publications and ponder the implications of new policies, please, bring us your insight.

Things we don’t want:

Political rants, religious rants, anti-Monsanto rants, anti-Halliburton rants, other forms of haranguing the supposed choir.

Things we do want:

Any type of actionable idea or suggestion to improve your personal sphere using existing resources.

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Write for us!

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  • Hello,

    The name is Laura Zanskey, I’m a professional writer and webmaster; a pleasure to e-meet you! I’ve been reading your blog lately at the office and I’m loving it so far, plus I was quite impressed with the design of your site; it’s so nicely customized that it just stands out.

    I’m contacting you because I have a few ideas for an article that, in my opinion, would be very fitting for your readers.

    The format of the article would be as follows:

    Length: >= 400-600 words.

    Delivery: Formatted HTML file with pictures and relevant supplementary resources, ready for publishing.

    Copyrights: 100% original and not published anywhere else; the article will be for the exclusive use of your blog.

    Would it be fine if the article body contained one, entirely relevant link to my website, which would add even more value to the article?

    I really love to write, so I’m absolutely ready to prepare the article for you and send it for your approval within the next few days; I’m sure you will like it and we’ll get it to work, but should you decide not to publish I will just stash it in my private collection for later use – no harm done!

    I have attached the article and I hope you like it!

    All the best,

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