IQUNIX CL-1: A Cyberpunk Mini-ITX Case Redefining Desktop Aesthetics

Mini-ITX cases have been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, yet only a handful have managed to truly distinguish themselves in the market. Amidst this landscape, IQUNIX, a relatively nascent company, has quietly begun to make significant strides. Having previously captured my attention with their ZX75 Gravity Wave keyboard, they have now introduced a complementary addition to their lineup: the CL-1 mini-ITX case.

The synergy between the ZX75 and the CL-1 is undeniable, creating an alluring combination that resonates with the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Product Description:

In a departure from the common trends of fiberglass panels and RGB lighting, the CL-1 boasts an elegant aluminum design, with the power button being the sole element that emits any light. This minimalist approach imparts a distinct cyberpunk vibe that sets it apart from its competitors.

Here are the official specifications of the case:


Capable of accommodating a dual-fan RTX 4060 or 4070 GPU, the CL-1 possesses the capacity to house a robust system without encroaching on excessive desk space. Its cyberpunk-inspired design serves as a futuristic hub that has left me thoroughly impressed. Witnessing the potential of desktop PCs, I find myself contemplating the idea of building one.

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